Bespoke and Packaged Biometric
Identification Verification Systems

MVT offers both packaged biometric verification systems that are able to quickly and easily be integrated into your existing processes, as well as custom-designed solutions for more complex requirements.


services & expertise

  • Identity Verification System (IVS)

    IVS is biometric identification solution that uses a combination of technology and dactyloscopy (the analysis of fingerprints) to verify the identity of individuals, and to provide a full cache of demographic information on each identified person.

  • Payroll Certification

    This solution allows pay-point heads to electronically verify staff on payroll, simplifying and streamlining the payroll process, eradicating the chance for identity errors and reducing the instance of identity fraud.

  • Bespoke Biometric Identification Verification Solutions

    MVT recognises that each industry has unique needs with regards to identity verification. We offer a free consultation, allowing us to identify and recommend custom biometric identification solutions.

  • Bespoke Software Development Services

    MVT offers custom software and IT system development for all business functions, processes and objectives.

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