Responding to the Need
for Advanced Identity Verification

Using technologically sophisticated scanners and analytics, MVT is able to use our own IVS (Identity Verification System) to quickly and accurately perform biometric identification on any sized group of people.

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According to a 2012 study from ID Analytics, the identities of 2.5 million deceased Americans are stolen to apply for credit products and services each year...and according to a report on identity theft by BBC News, “Fraud prevention agency Cifas said the number of victims rose by 31% to 32,058 in the first three months of 2015, compared to the same period in 2014.�

Although people who interact online and share their identity, credit or other personal information are at risk, those who refrain from online activities are also at risk. In 2013, Javelin Strategy & Research reported that those most at risk included children, those living in rural areas, and the elderly- those offline and thus unaware of the activities happening in their name.


Already countries all over the world are using a range of biometric measures to improve immigration laws, and to tighten border security. According to a report from Frost & Sullivan, an international growth consultancy firm, fingerprinting is the dominant method within this fast-growing field.

Although facial recognition, voice recognition, and iris-scanning modalities are also possible surface biometrics that can potentially be used to ascertain identity, dactyloscopy (fingerprint identification) is still the most internationally pervasive means of confirming an individuals identity.


MVT has developed a technically sophisticated, but simple-to-use biometric identification system, which can be used by businesses, state entities and individuals to protect access to premises, confidential information, online applications, real-world transactions and more.

IVS can be easily integrated into most existing security systems, and where this isnt feasible, MVT software development experts create a viable, cost-effective solution that meets your security objectives.