Empowering Enterprise
through Improved Security

MVT is dedicated to creating affordable, easily implemented biometric identification systems to assist businesses, individuals and entities of the state better protect and manage the identities of their associates.

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About MVT Technologies

MVT Technologies is a fully black owned and managed South African company with a Level 2 BBBEE contribution.

MVT and its Partners have come together because of their strengths and in depth understanding of Identity Verification and Management. MVT through its Public and Private Partnership with Gauteng Treasury brings the only endorsed Identity Verification Solution in the Public Sector.

MVT Technologies is a bespoke software development and applications outsourcing company. We have a track record of successful delivery of effective business solutions, world class software engineering skills and in-depth business knowledge of identity management, whilst being a black youth owned company.

We collaborated with government in the development of our product IVP (Identity Verification Platform) which interfaces with the Home Affairs National Information System (HANIS) and multiple 3rd party data providers to build for government an aggregator of citizen data.

IVP was nominated and shortlisted for the Annual CPSI Public Sector Innovation Awards programme for 2015, which encourages best practise in public sector innovation and service delivery. Our clients include, the Gauteng Treasury, Gauteng Department of Health, Gauteng Department of Education and AfiSwitch amongst others.