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    The modern practice of digitally scanning the physiological characteristics, particularly fingerprints, of individuals as an impervious means of identification.
  • Software Development

    Identity Verification and Information Protection

    Protect the identities of your clients, staff, partners and their information with innovative, cost-effective biometric identification systems from MVT. These systems can be instantly implemented into your existing business, or custom designed to your exact specifications.
  • Software Development

    Instantly Access Demographic Data

    By using MVT’s biometric Identity Verification System (IVS), a simple fingerprint scan can yield a full demographic profile for each individual identified, providing your organisation with invaluable user data.
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MVT Technologies

MVT Technologies is a leading supplier of biometrics technology to Africa.

With the exponential rise of technological adoption in almost every industry, the risks of cyber-related crimes, and particularly identity fraud, increase correspondingly.

In a world where personal information is a precious commodity, the identities of all global citizens are vulnerable to theft.

Using the fingerprint- a physical characteristic absolutely unique to every living human being, MVT is able to create impenetrable identity-based security systems that can be easily integrated into companies, events, and daily transactions.

Don’t let your identity be just another number.

Contact MVT Technologies to see how easily biometric verification can be integrated into your business.